Global Services

SGP Global Services is a professional group of companies with offices all over the world.

We are an International services provider since 2004 specialising in International private Foundation formation, low-cost International Company registration (International LLC and International IBC), and International Banking.

Professionals are carefully and continuously analyzing available and emerging International tax havens and have selected those jurisdictions which offer the best opportunities and advantages to the clients.

Virtual Offices

We can provide you customized virtual office services for your International company in prime location, which allows you to set up all you need to run an office paying less than what you would pay for a normal office.

The purpose of a virtual office is to provide a professional business environment for your International company or an exclusive address for personal use, project a professional image and credibility to your business.

Company Formation and Maintenance

When you incorporate International you are taking advantages of financial benefits and opening up your tax planning options.

Due to our international presence we can provide you customized incorporation services all over the world in the most rapid, cost-effective and solutions driven.

Immigration in Law Taxes and Jurisdictions

An International company is a necessary tool in today’s modern global economy. Nowadays tax rates and the rules for computing taxable profits vary widely between countries.

Therefore, some International jurisdiction, often known as tax havens, have very low tax rates. Those countries effectively offer services of a sovereign country to businesses and individuals for a modest fee. The result of introducing entities in further jurisdictions into financial structures can be to allow businesses and individuals to diminish the tax liabilities that would otherwise arise in other countries with higher tax rates.

International Banking

Most of the clients require our assistance in obtaining a bank account for their new International company or foundation.

The service we provide is that of an introduction to the bank and assistance with the required documentation and the application process.

We try to minimise inconvenience to our international banking clients and it is often not necessary for clients to visit the bank in person to obtain the corporate bank account.

Commercial Services

Our team performs day to day banking and other financial commercial transactions for international companies which we administer on behalf of our client.

Accounting Services

We have a professional team and partners dedicated to provide accounting and taxation compliance services for our clients’ international companies as well as assisting in the process of meeting statutory audit requirements.

Our services extend to companies whose activities range from private investment holding to international trading companies.

Advisory Services

We provide a full range of professional advisory services together with our international team (lawyers, accountants, commercial and experts).

Company Management, Secretarial and Compliance

Once you have incorporated a company, it is a statutory requirement to secure it by proper structuring in accordance with local legislation, and the stator records and annual returns maintained on sophisticated company fulfils its obligation each year.

International Registration – Ships, Yachts, Aeroplanes

We are highly experienced in managing running costs and vessel registration.

We can handle corporate and fiscal responsibilities that larger or small yachts generate, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

Our team recognizes the need for delivery of an accurate and diligent service for ships. Yachts or aeroplanes for owners in order to retain strict owner control over costs and administration of these sophisticated assets